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The role that the Nomads Golf Club plays in our society could best be described by quoting from one of the opening paragraphs in a brochure, written and issued to members by our Founder, Michael Florance, 
nearly 50 years ago.

He wrote 
"A long experience in and enjoyment of golf left me, in 1959, with a deeply held feeling that there was room in this game for some kind of association or club for business and professional men to come together in a closely planned and integrated programme of golf, with all games interrelated and offering a continuing thread of interest, and that out of this activity could arise some tangible benefit to two very proper causes: to the game of golf itself, and to those less fortunate than ourselves."

The symbolic side of that paragraph is worn by all Nomads to this day, namely, our club badge, a bell crossed by a golf club - through golf the remembrance of others.

Beginning in Johannesburg with the Transvaal Nomads club in 1960, the movement gradually spread to Natal, Western Cape, Northern Transvaal, Border, Southern Natal, Southern Cape, Boland, Lowveld and Free State. Internationally there are now 3 Nomads Clubs in Zimbabwe and one each in Botswana , New Zealand and 2 in Australia. Today there are close on three thousand Nomads spread around our clubs, all committed to our ideals of benefiting the game of golf and, in the process, raising millions for those "less fortunate than ourselves".


Fellow Nomads

Our Golden Anniversary has come and gone, and what a fabulous affair it was.

We received all round applause and accolades for an event that I would say was world class by any norms or standards. For those of you who attended, I am sure you will agree with me, that we were blown away by the good organisation of the event as well as the camaraderie that was created over the two days between us and Nomads from other clubs.

For those who couldn’t make it –you surely missed out.

The Gala evening was spectacular, the décor, the music and the food was out of this world. We also had the good fortune to present Stui Weddel a 50year tie as remembrance of him as a founder member and Dale Hayes was presented with a 10-year tie. Dale in his role as Master of Ceremonies was outstanding and he captivated his audience with memorable stories of the golfing greats.

Sunday morning was a buzz of golfers around the registrations table, and although we had four ladies servicing the registration, they had their hands full with 147 golfers eagerly waiting to get on to course to play in our monthly game.

The weather was certainly favourable and although the greens had many players’ number, the day turned out to be really awesome. Prize giving was well attended and although many prize winners had to get early modes of transport we completed the weekend in a truly fashionable way.

Once again, thanks to the organising committee for a job well done and especially Charleen who’s arrangements were certainly spic and span.

The 15th and 16th of September found a few of us at the Botswana Nationals in Gaborone.

Although not very well attended by Northerns, we managed to have some representation in the form of the notorious Barnard brothers, Dick Pienaar, Derek Ackerman and myself.

The Friday saw a wind that can only be synonymous with the Cape of Storms and although the points were very low but the Cowboy Bar’s entertainment was simply fantastic.

The Saturday weather was more amicable for mere mortal golfers but I must make mention of Eugene Barnard’s prowess on the course both days.

In the 40km wind on Friday, Eugene made 37 points which was clearly a win in his division, and if that message wasn’t clearly made, he went out on Saturday and made 41 points just to confirm that he can play golf. Well done Eugene, you made Northerns very proud.

That’s about all the news I have for our Spring month of September. Out next club game is to be held at Services on the 15th October. I have had a peak at the course over the Heritage Day holiday weekend and I can tell you all that it is in pretty decent condition having survived the winter.

So, I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible, it will be a super day

Until Next Month……..Happy golfing

Dave Peerless


Northern's Nomads 50th Anniversary: 



   Council Meeting 2017